Vegetation control


Deforestation and clearing


-CFR completes deforestation and forest clearings project for public utilities projects, initial infrastructure implementation or highway maintenance.

-We have the proper licensing as general contractors (licence # 5598-3910-01) from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.

Soil stabilisation


CFR uses plants natural growth cycle to solve erosion and soil stability problems. The techniques used take advantage of vegetal properties that can be combined with more traditional methods borrowed from civil engineering such as rockfills.

The use of plants in bank stabilisation improves the visual aspect of the project and also creates new habitats for animals which are important in river ecology. The vegetal structures strengthen with time as they develop and take root in the soil. They add an extra layer of resistance against the ripping effect of running water that is equal or superior to rockfill techniques when properly implanted.

The vegetal shield is vulnerable at first but gets stronger as time passes by especially when compared to more traditional infrastructures that tend to deteriorate as they age. Willow trees are the favoured species when it comes to bank stabilisation operations. The most commonly used methods are the installation of bundles, branch mats, fascines, vegetal caissons, cuttings and planting.


The principal services offered by CFR are related to conception planning and invoicing, completing forest inventory, data compilation of inventories, operational follow-up of projects, measurement of cut wood, tree marking, GPS data gathering and themed or numerical mapping.

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