Professional Aerial Imagery

CFR holds a permanent certificate of specialised aerial operations awarded by Transport Canada for its operations all around the province of Quebec.

Our objective:  Offer an aerial imagery service that collects technical data and a global vision of your projects all around Quebec.

Georeferenced Orthomosaic

This technique uses multiple georeferenced photos taken at the same altitude to create a complete aerial image of a targeted area. The images are available in many compatible programs such as ARCGIS, Summit Evolution, LPS, INFO and various formats such as .tif and .kml. with the coordinate system of your choice.


We provide multiple resolutions that can go up to 2 cm per pixel.


The service also includes, FREE OF CHARGE, ultra high definition videos or pictures showing a global view of the desired zones.


As is the case with orthomosaic photography, the taking of multiple georeferenced snapshots can be compiled to create a 3D projection using millions of points. The coordinates (X, Y, Altitude) of each accessible point (see lower right part of the image below) can tell us useful information such as the height of trees, the angle of a slope, the area of a zone, the volume of a mass etc. The 3D models can also be extracted into multiple formats (.LAS, .LAZ, .ONJ, .PLY, .FBX, .DXF, etc.). We also provide the option of using on land preselected points of control in order to raise the precision of your results (up to 10 cm of precision).

The volumetric calculations of a mass can be automatically generated by our image assembling software.

1) We mark out the base of the mass from the 3D projection.

2) A polygon of the mass is created by the software in a few minutes and its volume is calculated with up to 98% precision.

3) The results are available a few hours after the pictures are taken.

Infrastructure inspection


The use of drones for inspections are advantageous as they are cheap, fast and safe. We are also developing and offering a thermal imagery service which can be useful in specific projects.


Other specialised services


From the percentage of regrowth of a plantation to the geomatics analysis of a designated zone, our services will save you time and money.

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