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Specialised environmental services
The Company

CFR employs up to 45 employees during the peak of summer. They are professionals from different backgrounds; entomologists, biologists, forest engineers, computer scientists, technicians and specialised workers. The company’s headquarter is situated in the city of Chicoutimi.


Our main strategy to satisfy our clients needs is innovation. We aim at offering specialised services in niche markets.

Close to our clients

Our clients satisfaction and respect of their communal values are the ultimate goals that guide our company. We are a competent and dynamic team of specialists that work together to offer long-term solutions that will be beneficial to our clients.

Offered Services
Contrôle biologique des insectes piqueurs, ensemencement hydraulique et mécanique, la remise en végétation des sites ...

Our main areas of expertise are the biological control of biting insects, hydroseeding, mechanical seeding, reforestation, stabilisation of riverbanks, removal of vegetation in public utilities, cartography and aerial drone imaging.

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163, rue Cossette, Chicoutimi (Québec), Canada

418 696-3398

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